Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here's the problem with blogs; blogs in general, not just World of Warcraft ones: it seems like you can write about anything, but somebody else has done it better. This space is just so large, you can write a blog about Resto Droods, or Warlocks, or Role-Playing, but someone has beat you to it, and they're getting like 30-40 comments per post.

Now this isn't me QQing for your attention; that doesn't work anyway. It's just me saying, or thinking out loud, that I have a lot to prove to potential readers. And maybe I can deliver on that, maybe I can't.

A bit about me, at least in terms of WoW. My main is a 70 Tauren Druid, Balance spec named Rawfle, on Onyxia US. He's kind of on hold right now until the expansion; in the mean time I'm leveling a Mage, Kharnos, who is level 47 and on the same server. I also have a Draenei Shaman, Gakon, on Drenden US. The Onyxia characters are in the guild , which sports a total of 8 members if I recall correctly. Gakon the Shaman is in the guild . Also, I wish he was Horde and on my main server :(

So what will the focus of my blog be? Talents. We like talents. They make us better. I like talking gameplay mechanics; I've always been a dork about game design in general. With the Wrath beta in full swing there's a lot to be said about talents, especially with Blizzard talking a lot about their new design philosiphies behind talent trees.

The classes I've played most extensively are the Druid, Mage, Shaman, and Rogue (and "extensive" = above level 30), so may be the classes I can speak most intelligently about, since I've actually played them to some extent, and not just read the theorycraft or happen to know what all their spells are.

Really, this isn't a case where if I get no comments after like two months I'll stop. I'll probably keep going, just because when I want to talk about something I'd like a platform on which to talk about it. Even if no one is listening, haha.

So here's to being smart enough to maybe write a blog people are interested in reading.

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