Friday, September 19, 2008


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This just in, there's a beta build and such. Wasn't there just one a few days ago? Oh well... what news does this patch bring for us Droods?

Earth and Moon Rank 1 damage increase changed from "1 to 6%" to 3%.
I don't get this; I thought all ranks just gave you the full 13% damage buff. Now you have to dump five points into it to get the full effect. Darn. It really does seem like they wanted people to max out this talent. At first it was a 20% chance per rank to apply the full effect; next they tacked on 1-5% extra spell damage to try and incentivize maxing out the talent. But even that's not really worth it, so instead they force us in a sense to go 5/5. Maybe if I raided I could just get a Warlock to throw up the dang base Curse of Elements?

Improved Moonkin Form now causes affected targets to gain 1/2% haste (down from 3/3%)
This confuses me, sort of. Last I checked, Balance Druids don't benefit from haste like other classes do. Somehow we've ended up with +6% to haste through talents, and they're just lopping off 1% because whatever? Those minute adjustments just seem odd to me. Plus, while I do find 1% less spell haste on a talent strange, I can't say I really care.

Nature's Grace changed from 1 to 3 points and now has a 33/66/100% proc rate. (Old - 100%)
Nature's Splendor changed from 3 to 1 point. Now Increases the duration of your Moonfire, Insect Swarm, and Rejuvenation spells by 3 sec, your Regrowth spell by 6 sec, and your Lifebloom spell by 3 sec.
This is just really weird. They haven't acually changed how you spend your points. I'm sure most people would be taking Nature's Splendor anyway (Balance and Restoration), so why swap the point values of these two talents? It turns our actual 11-point talent into even more of a passive one than Nature's Grace. Change it back! This change was not needed as it does nothing!

Other random stuff:


New spell - Polymorph - Black Cat
New spell - Polymorph - Serpent
Will this lessen the QQ over Polymorph: Penguin?

Arcane Potency now Increases the critical strike chance of your next damaging spell by 15/30% after gaining Clearcasting or Presence of Mind.
I'm pretty sure the ability to keep up PoM forever as long as you chained instant-cast spells is still out, which is too bad. That looked like it would have been a lot of fun.


Dispersion doesn't increase your spell damage anymore if it runs its full duration without you taking damage.
And thus its hope of ever being more than a grinding tool or a PVP toy goes out the window?

Lastly, as an Alchemist, this ability sounds great to me:
Northrend Alchemy Research: Experiment with Northrend herbs to discover a new Alchemy recipe. Can only be done every 7 days.

The cooldown is wicked long, but the proc rate on new, fat loots is supposed to be very good; sounds better than sitting around hoping for new transmutes. After two months of xmutes almost every day I got maybe two recipes?

Wait... how do you discover how to transmute metal by throwing a bunch of herbs in a pile and "experimenting" with them?

I really feel sorry for Ghostcrawler and Koraa; while they're not the only ones who work on class balancing, they have to face all the crap of the QQers. They may be swimming in money considering they work for Blizzard, but you probably slowly lose your mind the longer you spend on internet message boards as part of your job.

From what I've heard, Blizzard doesn't care about Balance Druids one bit. Also, they don't care about Priests, Death Knights, Hunters, Rogues, or Shaman. Maybe they want us all to go play Warhammer; that must be it.

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