Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild, sweeping changes

Sort of. Ghostcrawler on trimming Balance:

"Moonfury and Earth and Moon down to 3 ranks from 5, but keeping the same overall benefit. That buys you 4 extra talent points to get more utility or fun talents.

We are also going to buff Eclipse's damage a little so that you feel you're paid back for the extra proc-watching (and so I won't feel so lonely when I tell you I think it's fun)."

LOLWUT. It's not that watching procs is hard (that's why we have Power Auras).

But hey, that four points off is awesome. We have a good number of 5-point talents, and in all trees it's always the chunky, 5pt talents that get you the passive damage buff. More damage to this. More crit with that. A lot of trimming down has been done in other trees, and now Balance gets its turn. I'm interested to try this out.

I might as well start talking about my fake tree sometime. If you want to see it, you can find it here. It's gone through five or six iterations with plenty of changes, some of which have actually found their way into the beta game. I swear they stole 'em.

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